Our Mission

Let’s together make learning joyful

We are building a personalized, adaptive and gamified learning platform for students, teachers and parents.

Our Journey

Back in 2006, Basant Pandey was serving as a teacher in Centra School at Port Blair. He observed that students lacked accessibility to good study material. Books and study material would take 15-20 days to reach the state as ships would run only twice a month between main land and island.

He discussed the idea with his brother Vinod Pandey, a final year engineering student. They created a website on a free hosting server and uploaded sample papers and study material.

As popularity grew, they launched myCBSEguide.com in 2007 as a platform to provide free study material to CBSE students in the form of syllabus, sample question papers, board exam papers, online tests, quick revision notes, important questions, news and updates.

From 2006 to 2016, myCBSEguide remained active hobby project. Both worked on this project on weekends and after office hours. Website was regularly updated with latest study material.

In 2016, both the brothers quit their job and started working full time. Today, myCBSEguide is one of the most trusted learning app among CBSE students.